The story of sneaking on a cat. Impossible?

Oh no, it's not, well, the thought emerged a long time ago, I wanted a way to check if Felix had disappered into his hideaway without disturbing him.
Putting up lights was not an option since, he wouldn't have liked his place after that.
I thought that IR-lightning and an IR-cam would work but people I asked told me that a common webcam woldn't be OK due to the IR-filter that I stupidly assumed was a part of the color-filter on the CCD.
The other option was a B/W kamera and a video-card but those cameras are expencive (the small ones):-(
Bye a coincidence I run into
Geoff-s homepage and he showed me a really simple solution:-) (QTec 100 and Peter is of course me) :-)

So I bougth a cheap webcam for 20 and modified that, also I put four small IR-LED-s on it that got it's power directly from the USB feed.
Those four LED-s are now replaced with one quality-LED, HSDL4220 and that made a big improvment in (invisible) light!

This is how it looks, modified an ready to go!

And mounted in it's place.

To the webcam-page if you didn't originated from there.